2018 – Top 10 Catchers Under 30

With Buster Posey now crossing over to the wrong side of 30 there is a changing of the guard at the top of this list. The physical toll it takes on the body to be a starting catcher these days it makes so much sense to play it safe and find a young starter who will not run out of gas come July (Hopefully).

No matter what fantasy format you play in catcher can be one of the most frustrating positions on your team. Lets set aside the  bumps, bruises and injuries, Lets even set aside the whole take 1 or 2 days off a week. The delema I have always faced is how much to invest in a catcher. Just last year i drafted Cameron Rupp for $1 and thought i would get good power value for an every day guy. After suffering through his first few months of lackluster performance I was lucky that I was able to scoop up Mike Zunino before others caught on to his revival season.

If you are to invest in the top tiers like a Gary Sanchez, Buster Posey or Willson Contreras There is a level of comfort that brings but your paying a lot of money that would probably provide more production if spent on a everyday player from a less taxing position. Pick your poison i guess. I suppose its just best to look for an in his prime starter for a good team that comes a a decent value and hope for the best.

Here is  my list of top 10 catchers under the age of 30.

  1. Gary Sanchez, 25, Yankees – Most likely the #1 catcher pick for years to come. Sanchez is a a force with the bat and will have great counting stats batting in the Yankees lineup.My projections for 2018 are. – .270/83/35/95/2
  2. Willson Contreras, 26, Cubs – Another great hitter on a great team. Like Sanchez the Cubs try to work his bat into the lineup even when hes not catching.My projections for 2018 are. – .272/63/26/86/6
  3. J.T. Realmuto, 27, Marlins – The latest rumor has him being traded to the Astros. Regardless of the team he plays for the guy can hit and run. My projections for 2018 are. – .274/62/12/58/12
  4. Salvador Perez, 28, Royals – Always been a force with the bat. Sal tends to catch every game and hit a wall 3/4  into the season each year. Regardless he tends to finish the season with great numbers despite the late season slumps. My projections for 2018 are. – .261/56/22/71/1
  5. Mike Zunino, 27, Mariners – Zunino showed with a regular starting gig he is capable of putting up elite power numbers despite a low average and high strikeout rate. My projections for 2018 are. – .240/55/32/67/1
  6. Austin Barnes, 28 Dodgers – I cant wait to see what stats Barnes can put up in a full MLB season. My projections for 2018 are. – .264/70/16/61/10
  7. Travis d’Arnaud, 29, Mets – He has the bat skill and has shown flashes of breaking out before. Will this be the season he puts it all together?My projections for 2018 are. – .259/56/18/59/0
  8. James McCann, 28. Tigers -He should hit in the middle of the Detroit lineup in 2018. McCann has shown an increased amount of power in his bat the last few seasons.  My projections for 2018 are. –  .249/62/13/59/1
  9. Austin Hedges, 25, Padres –  A great defensive catcher with a developing hitting tool. Austin showed flashes of a great line drive swing last year. He’s going to get a ton of plate appearances to further his development.My projections for 2018 are. –  .241/40/20/61/4
  10. Yasmani Grandal, 29, Dodgers – Grandal seems to have lost the starting job to Austin Barnes but, Grandal is a very skilled hitter who will get his at bats and who knows might end up being traded to a new team as a starter. My projections for 2018 are. – .240/47/20/57/1

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