2018 – Early Sleepers – Second Base

After finishing my projections stats for second basemen, there were 2 players that I believe will greatly increase their value in 2018. These are early rankings so as we’ve been seeing with the likes of Dee Gordon moving to Center Field this information can change by the day. That being said there are two players i’d like to bring up as early we can never do enough studying to perfect next years wish lists for your fantasy teams in 2018.

Javier Baez – Cubs –  After showing off his stellar defense at the WBC early in 2017 Baez went on a bit of a slow start with the bat in Chicago. Once it became apparent that Ben Zobrist had begun to show his age it was only a matter of time till Javier was handed the reigns to a starting gig at second base. His lightning quick bat speed has already shown glimpses of that “light tower power”. If Baez is to receive a bump in plate appearances we will surely see a spike in his power numbers and that would likely mean a promotion from batting eighth to somewhere around 5-6 in that prolific Cubs batting order. This means an increase in counting stats. Strike outs will likely always be part of his game but, even in points leagues his PPG avg will still be top 5 at the position. My projections for 2018 are: .270/90/28/90/12

Jonathon Villar – Brewers – Villar had a breakout 2016 season when he produced a .285/92/19/63/62 stat line. A lot of fantasy owners took notice and took Villar early in their drafts to lock down the stolen base category while showing he could produce in all other categories at a middle infield position. 2017 was the second year in a row where his stats showed a decline on a Brewers team that does not excite as many owners as it did in years past. Here is a chance to buy low on a player that is only 25 years old and has not shown a decline in any peripheral hitting stats. My projections for 2018 are: .275/71/15/52/43