A look ahead to 2018

The World Series has come to an end and it was nice to see such a great battle between 2 amazingly talented teams.

That being said, its been 5+ weeks since the fantasy season ended. I’ve had enough of a break. I’m getting that antsy, I need my fix. Sure, I play fantasy football. Fantasy Hockey as well they just don’t scratch the itch. Ya know?

I’m thinking it’s time to start analyzing some #’s prior to the Winter Meetings and the “Hot Stove” that will change the value of some players moving to more / less favorable teams. There will be players called upon to replace¬† those moving on as well. Maybe this is a great time to start going over some players who might be primed for a big step forward in 2018?

While others are looking at top prospects projected to seeing a call up during the season, I’m going to look at players who are already starting on their MLB teams. in starting lineups and i love to bet on top prospects who have all the talent in the world but have yet to produce the amazing stats expected. When these guys get called up everyone is excited. Then, after disappointing beginnings they lose that shine. That’s the best time to buy low!

In points leagues we cant afford to wait on a June call-up while others are producing from day one at the top of the lineup.

Trash to Treasure. The first player will be posted here in the next couple days.


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