Thoughts to Share

  • Are we at the point now where we shouldn’t start any pitcher (who is not a top 20) against the Nationals, Astros, Red Sox., Cubs & any games at  Colorado or Arizona?
  • Is Byron Buxton finally getting “it” it seems like he is starting to get people to believe again.
  • Is the HR derby a jinx for hitters in the second half of the season.
  • Feels like there is a bunch of call ups bound to happen after the all star break or a couple weeks after at the trade deadline.
  • Rhys Hoskins looks like the real deal. Be ready to pounce on that claim when he gets the call. Power and a high batting average? Yes please
  • Did anyone else see Orlando Arcia’s rundown where he beat the tag and was safe at home?
  • Pitchers are killing my teams this year. I had Trevor Cahill and Sean Newcomb starting yesterday on one team and they were so bad that i lost my H2H match up that I thought was going to be a win. Yeah no.
  • The Angels are starting to heat up and are set to get their superstar back as Mike Trout finished his rehab crushing the ball in rehab games.
  • Kyle Freeland almost through a no-no in Colorado? Dude is a competitor and a hard throwing lefty who did get 9 k’s in the outing. It was the White Sox but still.
  • Is now the time to sell high on Alex Wood? Seems like he is due for a DL stint. Maybe some one would part with another Ace in the top 10?

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