H2H Points leagues. Info for the week ahead.

For those of us in head to head points leagues my hope is to offer information that is meant for our Points format. Most of the expert advice out there is geared towards traditional “Roto” leagues. Don’t get me wrong I’m in those types of leagues as well. Roto leagues are all about where you finish at the end of the year. H2H points leagues well…we live week to week. Trying to get a step ahead of your league mates is vital to our success.

Projected 2 Start Pitchers who are under 50% owned with the best match ups.

The hitters available in 50% of leagues who are on hot streaks. I will focus on hitters whose teams play at least 6 games the following week.

Prospects rumored to be on the cusp of being called up that give you a chance to keep an eye on potential up grades.










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