Promotion Emotion

Why is it that the very second I get an alert about a Fantasy relevant player being called up to the majors I hold my breathe until i know if he is owned in my leagues. This never fails. A good portion of the time I use one of my precious transactions for the week on a guy that is up for the weekend or as a backup.

This never fails. It drives my league mates crazy, some thinking I have some secret Intel that alerts before any others.

I’m ┬ánot sure what it is about them. It feels like buying a scratch off Lotto ticket. More often than not its a dud but when you hit on one it can bring your team to a new level of production. Much like scooping up an unlucky star that gets dumped by their fantasy owners on May 1st as they are still batting below .200. You see some progress as momentum starts to show.

After the draft or auction is over and your “in season” mode starts this is like making trades for top players without giving anything else. In a non Faab league i will jump on that lotto ticket any time.