H2H Points leagues

After years of experience participating in online auctions for my head to head points leagues, I have come to one certain conclusion. Expect nothing. You can go and participate in as many mock auctions on your favorite websites but they will rarely give you a true idea of what will happen in your league.

The other team owners are not stupid. You need to know that no matter how many magazines or online columns you read in the end people are most likely to be going after most if not all of the players you want. Even that deep sleeper that is showing a value of $1 which should by far out perform that price. Yeah, people heard about him on that same podcast you listened to as well. In a 12 team league where teams are given say $260 to fill out a roster the money always seems to go so much quicker than you’d think. If you have practiced by participating $5 dollar value would go for between $4-$6 dollars when you participate in your real auction said player may show the same value but, this player happens to play for the lets say the Seattle Mariners. Have you accounted for the guy in your league that loves the mariners and wants their best players more than anything.

So this is a game right. Its meant to amuse you and it lasts about 6 months why not write down a list of the players you want the most. Now I am not talking about a list like (Trout, Kershaw, Harper, Altuve and Goldschmidt) if you choose to go that avenue you would  be left with say $50 or less for your final 20 roster spots. if this happens you will most likely be sitting for a few hours watching players come off the board waiting and hoping to find enough solid $1 and $2 players to field a competitive team. So pick one or two top players a few guys that will cost 20 or so and a few that will cost around 10 dollars and hold your money to get those players that you covet.

While you have your “want list” the smart way to spend your time is to search for value. Start to compile a list of under $5 players you like and feel have legitimate “upside” talent. This will come in very handy as the Auction goes on. all the while if you see someone close to getting a $10 player for $1 because everyone else in the room is distracted throw out a bid for $2. Being alert and aware is the best way to find value in a draft. You may have regretted drinking all of those cups of coffee but you’ll feel a lot better about it if you can get a steal like that. There is a very fine line between spending too much too early and leaving money unspent. The latter of which is a Auction “no-no” its very common to have a little more than a handful of $1  players on your team you just don’t want to be stuck with out any of the ones you wanted.