2017 Top 1 – 15 Outfielders Under 30

Here is the first 15 of the Top outfielders under 30. Now this list may puzzle some and I have to be honest it did make me think there was a problem with my formula. Upon further review they did seem legit. I do want to stress that these rankings are for players in a Head to Head points leagues. A strong SO-BB % is a very important factor along with the amount of plate appearances So top of the lineup is very coveted value like #9 on this list Odubal Herrera the #3 hitter for the Phillies. Players like Jackie Bradley and Adam Duvall had a mere 5% bump in their stats from last year as they enter their prime years.. As for Puig and Dahl I am basing their projections on a full 500+ AB’s.

Under 20 Rank Name Age
1 Mike Trout 25
2 Bryce Harper 24
3 Mookie Betts 24
4 A.J. Pollock 29
5 George Springer 27
6 Michael Brantley 29
7 Jackie Bradley Jr. 26
8 Christian Yelich 25
9 Odubel Herrera 25
10 Gregory Polanco 25
11 Stephen Piscotty 26
12 Adam Duvall 28
13 Yasiel Puig 26
14 David Dahl 23
15 Starling Marte 28

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