2017 Top 10 Third basemen Under 30

On to the top third basemen under the age of 30. These rankings are based on point leagues so, good BB-SO ratios can play a large part in these rankings.. Oh how I struggled with the rankings for these top 3 players. You really cant lose picking either Machado, Bryant or Arenado. In the end I went with my ranking formula to break the tie. I guess we will see if it’s right.

  1. Manny Machado – 24 – After dealing with multiple leg injuries pretty early on in his career. Manny has become the hitter most feared in a Baltimore lineup that still is the home of Chris Davis, Mark Trumbo and Adam Jones. With that supporting cast and playing half of your games in what is most likely the best stadium for offense and you got a lot of points to accumulate. My projections for 2017 are:..308/107/39/112/15
  2. Kris Bryant – 25 – One of the most feared hitters on the planet (now that Ortiz retired) At the age of 25 is there any reason to think he wont continue to get better and better? Scouts have that 20-80 scale when projecting talent in certain skills. The only time I have seen some one get the highest possible score (80) is for Kris Bryant in raw power. If you have a chance to get him in any league, do it. Multiple NL MVP trophies await him. My projections for 2017 are: .275/104/41/115/11
  3. Nolan Arenado – 25 – Just another clean up hitter that puts up video game numbers and in Colorado of all places. The Rockies have something going in the right direction and im not talking about “the silver bullet”in those Coors Light commercials. Nolan had 82 Extra base hits and 133 RBI’s last year. His hitting is legit but I am seeing some regression due at some point. My projections for 2017 are:.290/90/38/121/2
  4. Anthony Rendon – 26- Proving that his 2014 stats were not a “fluke” Rendon flashed his talents as a five tool player. Injuries mostly doomed his 2015 stats but now he is back to being an above average ball player that puts up great numbers. My projections for 2017 are: .276/101/21/84/15
  5. Maikel Franco – 24 – Last Spring Training we watched nightly highlights of Maikel absolutely crushing the ball. Most of the leagues i played in people were noticing that he was locked in and of course that led to Franco being drafted too soon. Then the season started and it was obvious the Phillies didn’t have a contending club. Maikel had the audacity to only hit 25 Home runs. not bad for a Sophomore season. My projections for 2017 are: .272/77/29/101/1.
  6. Kyle Seager – 29 – I’ll just say this you can count on Kyle Seager to produce VERY close to the same stats he produces every year. Not much different this year. My projections for 2017 are: .268/82/27/90/5
  7. Jake Lamb – 26 – Jake seems like he’s still flying under the radar but the kid can rake! In 2016 his first full season  as the everyday Third baseman and he provided 29 home runs and 91 RBI’s. Its pretty safe to assume he will retain his job and continue to punish opposing pitchers. My projections for 2017 are: .253/85/30/96/6
  8. Alex Bregman – 23 – It was agonizing last year to watch such a gifted hitter go 0/4 day after day as you could tell the Astros staff was trying to stay positive but, they could only wait so long. Luckily he got that first hit and the flood gates opened. Bregman is not going to be that 30-35 home run guy…at least not yet. He is just a gifted hitter that can square up a lot of pitches. My projections for 2017 are: .267/78/20/85/5
  9. Miguel Sano – 23 – Light tower power is all i can say when describing Sano. He likely wont be a .300 hitter but you can see that 40+ home run season coming. My projections for 2017 are: .258/66/32/76/1
  10. Ryon Healy – 25 –  Ryon made a very strong statement after getting called up around the mid season mark. 260 AB’s and he had 82 hits. 33  were extra base hits. I am really looking forward to seeing a full season out of him this year. My projections for 2017 are: .274/72/26/74/1 

Just Missed the List:

  • Eugenio Suarez
  • Mike Moustakas
  • Yangervis Solarte
  • Hernan Perez
  • Nick Castellanos

On the Horizon:

  • Rafael Devers – Red Sox – ETA 2018
  • Nick Senzel – Reds – ETA 2017
  • Ryan McMahon – Rockies – ETA 2018
  • Ke’Bryan Hayes – Pirates – ETA 2018
  • Matt Chapman – A’s – ETA 2017

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