2017 Top 10 Shortstops under 30

Just a few years ago Shortstop was a shallow position with a void of young talent.  It is now flush with young superstars. I have ranked 10 of these stars based on expected value in point league formats. Most of these are “no brainers” due to only a handful of 30 and older players.that are fantasy relevant.

  1. Carlos Correa – 22 –After showing off his talents in his initial call up, last season didnt live up to the expected results.  If you spent too much money on him last year do not be afraid to pull the trigger again. The Astros have built quite a juggernaut of a lineup full of quality hitters 1-9. Correa actually increased his hard hit rate from 32.9% to 37.2%. He’s hitting the ball hard and it will come with lots of base runners. As you will ses in his projected RBI’s. My 2017 projections are: .278/87/27/110/15 
  2. Corey Seager – 22 – What an impressive first full season Kyle’s little brother had. Sophomore Jinx? Not really seeing that happening as Corey can flat out rake. He has a very matured approach at the plate. You could call Correa and Seager as 1A & 1B only difference are the SB’s. My projections for 2017 are: .286/103/25/91/3
  3. Francisco Lindor – 23 –  Lindor continues to exceed expectations in every way and 2016 was no different. His ability to produce day in and day out makes him very desirable especially in H2H formats where you can really appreciate a guy who lives up to points per game average. My projections for 2017 are: .290/97/15/76/19
  4. Xander Bogaerts – 24 – Pure hitting has never been an issue with Xander. The only part that had doubt was if he would get 200 hits a season of which 197 would be singles or if he would start hitting enough extra base hits to be considered elite. Entering his age 24 season he is well on his way to adding some lift to his swing. Boston fans are not too worried as he still has 2 seasons before he is expected to produce his prime power years.My projections for 2017 are: .296/100/14/85/12
  5. Trevor Story – 24 – Everyone watched with amazement as Story swatted a HR a night for what seemed to be a month. The rookie of the year voting for the national league also appeared to be in the bag. Home runs were slowing and the strike outs increasing and it was some time after that where Story succumbed to a season ending injury. The talent and the home park cannot be ignored. My 2017 projections are: .261/84/34/90/10
  6. Jonathon Villar – 25 – You have to applaud the Brewers for targeting Villar when they did. All through the minors Villar has had a knack for hitting for a good bating average and just getting on base in general. The Astros gave up on him after 600+ Plate appearances over 3 seasons. Villar who has amazing speed and because of that a very high BABIP which is sustainable. The power may be a mirage as his hard hit rate spiked to 35% up from his normal  which is around 25%.A jump in his walk rate from 2015 was 3.8% which may or may not resurface. Either way, The game seemed to have slowed down for Villar and owners in point leagues should take notice. My projections for 2017 are: .255/74/15/50/50
  7. Elvis Andrus – 28 – The model of consistency no matter how boring it may be. It seems like Andrus should be 35 by now and not the age of 28. While Elvis can be very disappointing to people playing in Roto leagues but is very useful as a constant point producer per game. My projections for 2017 are: .277/71/8/57/31
  8. Aledmys Diaz – 26 – Aledmys had a very impressive 2016. He showed the Cardinals an ability to walk almost as often as he strikes out (only 60 k’s).in 400+ at bats. With Matt Carpenter moving over to first base and Gyorko to third this lines Diaz up as the everyday shortstop. projected to hit in the #2 spot in the Cardinals lineup will help his counting stats greatly. Love those top of the lineup guys in points leagues. My projections for 2017 are: .283/75/18/68/4 
  9. Jean Segura – 27 – After a big time break out season in Arizona last year the Diamond backs thought they might want to sell high due to the theory he had a career season. When the Mariners dangled Taijuan Walker and Ketel Marte for Segura and Mitch Haniger, The D-Backs were all to happy to say ,yes. Segura will likely struggle a bit switching leagues and the change in venue will effect his power numbers that might have been aided by the hitting favorable Chase field as he can now call Safeco Field home. My projections for 2017 are: .274/73/10/48/26
  10. Dansby Swanson – 23 – An unexpected August call up by the Braves gave Dansby a chance to “get his feet wet” in the majors to prepare for a full season this year. Swanson held his own in 145 plate appearances he managed to end the year with a .302 batting average. This was fueled most likely from a bloated BABIP of .383. That being said Dansby did provide some of everything in his showcase last year. Hoping that he finds his way to a top of the order spot he will provide nice numbers. If he wastes away in the #8 spot, well it would be disappointing to say the least. My projections for 2017 are: .259/80/12/68/12


5 Who Just Missed the List

  • Tim Anderson – CWS
  • Brandon Crawford – SF
  • Addison Russell – CHC
  • Marcus Semien – OAK
  • Didi Gregorius – NYY

5 On the Horizon

  • Orlando Arcia – MIL
  • J.P. Crawford – PHI
  • Gleyber Torres – NYY
  • Brendan Rodgers – COL
  • Franklin Barreto – A’s

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