2017 Top 10 Second basemen Under 30

For point leagues a starting second basemen might be a revolving door but below are some players i think you should target. It can be very difficult to find middle infielders that can contribute in all categories. Luckily in point leagues that’s not a problem. If your player is averaging enough points per game that’s all that matters. At Second base you can pay a whole lot for Jose Altuve or Brian Dozier. Great players in their own right but you can get a lot more bang for the buck at the end of your draft or auction. I will give you some examples below . As for the top 10 second basemen under 30, Here we go.

  1. Jose Altuve – 26 – Altuve is becoming this decades Ichiro. It seems like everything off his bat is a hit. Once he gets on base, he’ll get you some more points with runs and stolen bases. Now that the Astros will have a full year of Alex Bregman not to mention the additions of Beltran and McCann to go along with Springer and Correa. Lets just say there will be quite the amount of counting stats to be had. Jose Altuve may be the size of a horse Jockey but his quick bat and power are off the charts. My projections for 2017 are: .312/93/15/74/41
  2. Brian Dozier – 29 – Looking like it would be a down year for Dozier before the all-star break then…something clicked. He started crushing balls at an unbelievable pace. He ended up with 42 homers total breaking the record for most by a second baseman in a single season.Dozier swatted 14 in the first half of the season and 24 in the second. It was a streak that could definitely carry your fantasy team for two months. A regression on that second half should be expected as it would be too risky to assume he can duplicate it. My projections for 2017 are: .248/106/31/82/17
  3. Trea Turner – 23 – The talent that he showed us last season was special. So special that most of the baseball world was taken by surprise. We all knew he was a high draft pick and that he was in that “player to be named later” limbo until he could leave San Diego and head over to D.C.. Turner does not provide the big power numbers you would expect from a budding star but, he can hit and run. Turner just might be that guy who leads the league in AVG, Runs, Triples and Stolen Bases. My projections for 2017 are: .301/85/18/64/53 add in about 8 triples too!!
  4. Jason Kipnis – 29 – Kipnis has had a few up and down seasons. The last two looking really nice. Now that Edwin Encarnacion joins the lineup he should have some more runs added to his totals. That means more PA’s as well. Point leagues love it when guys get a lot of plate appearances at the top of the line up. Not to mention that lineup being stacked 1-9 with good hitters. My projections for 2017 are: .267/87/14/64/18
  5. Rougned Odor – 23 – I want this guy on my teams. I mean not only can he hit the ball hard, he has a killer right hook. Right Jose? Odor had a nice season producing 33 doubles and 33 home runs all from a second baseman is a mighty hard thing to find. His 35.4% hard hit percentage and a  17.6% Line Drive rate tells me he was squaring the ball up pretty well. Odor plays in a very good home park and hits in a very good line up. At the young age of 23 he might just be scratching the surface of what he might do when he reaches his prime years. My projections for 2017 are:.275/72/25/75/10
  6. D.J. LeMahieu – 28 – Here is a guy who stands a good chance of not getting drafted in some leagues. D.J. last season provided some really impressive stats. He ended the season with 192 hits although 141 were singles.The other 51 extra base hits included only 11 home runs. This is not a player that would entice many roto lovers except for batting average. In Point leagues however he is a point producing machine with his 192 hits, 11 stolen bases and almost as many walks as strikeouts prove his worth. My projections for 2017 are: .308/95/9/64/17
  7. Jonathon Schoop – 25 – Schoop played a full slate of 162 games for the Orioles last season.Thanks to this, we saw an upturn in his power production to the tune of 25 home runs and 82 RBI’s. A batting Avg. of .267 these days is average but here’s the kicker his BB% is way low at 3.2% One of the handful of lowest in the league. It was up from the backbreaking 2.8% from the previous season. So the Orioles must be aware and are in the process of trying to make him more selective at the plate. If he can then closer to a .300 average wont be out of the range of possibilities. My projections for 2017 are: .261/55/19/55/2
  8. Dee Gordon – 28 – He would have been in the top 5 on this list if i knew for sure i’d be getting at least 140+ games of him at the top of his game. Swiping 30 bags over the 2nd half of the season was very encouraging but when there is only 1 category that sets you apart like his SB’s he is a leg injury away from being useless. That being said I hope the best for him. I just will not be drafting him on my teams. My projections for 2017 are: .278/76/2/31/51
  9. Devin Travis – 26 – Here is a great under the radar guy to grab late in a draft. A 62 game “break out” in 2015 caught quite a lot of attention before a season ending injury. He missed the first 1/3 of the 2016 season as he made it back for 100 games. The same hitting tool was present a little less of a selective hitter then was advertised the previous season. Hitting at the top of the Blue Jays lineup for a full season screams point producer to me. My projections for 2017 are: .274/68/14/63/5
  10. Javier Baez – 24 – Here is a guy who a couple seasons ago started by flashing that “light tower” power as advertised. Then The league made an adjustment on how to pitch him. Once a weakness was discovered in his swing he struck out so much it made Joey Gallo point and giggle. Fast forward to 2016 Baez found himself as a super sub who hit well enough that Joe Maddon rewarded him with 450 AB’s. So he basically got in the line up 4-5 times a week as a super sub and had a lot of pinch hitting opportunities.  After amassing 115 hits, 14 hr’s, 56 RBI and 12 SB. He did however strike out 108 times so if he can improve on that total my projections for 2017 are: .284/75/21/89/18

Just Missed The List

  • Jose Ramirez
  • Starlin Castro
  • Joe Panik
  • Ryan Schimpf
  • Jedd Gyorko

Prospects on the Horizon

  • Willie Calhoun – Dodgers
  • Ian Happ – Cubs
  • Ozzie Albies – Braves
  • Luis Urias – Padres
  • Joey Waddle – A’s



2 thoughts on “2017 Top 10 Second basemen Under 30

  1. By your projections for Javier Baez he should be #4-#5 on this list. Why # 10 when the projections are better than most of these guys…. I say put him up around #4 or #5, own your projections. BE BOLD.


    1. Hi Brad, You’re right he should be in the Top 5 by the projections. However, The alarming number of strike outs drop him down in my rankings for the point formats I make these lists for.


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