Top 10 First Basemen Under 30

1st base seems to be a very deep position as far as fantasy value is concerned. That being said that after the top 5 or so the risks start to veer their ugly heads. Since I am only keying in on players under the age of 30 this should provide a glimpse of some players you can get late in a draft with high upside. Just a reminder that I base my rankings for  points leagues. I have nothing against the 5×5 Roto leagues they can be fun too. For me the Daily points leagues tend to be more exciting especially if they are Head to Head against your friends.

On to the first basemen…

  1. Paul Goldschmidt – 29 – Last years production was great, it was just strange to see him hit less HR’s (24) then usual and steal so many bases (32). Goldy is everyone’s #1 rated 1st baseman no matter the age or format. He is one of those pure hitters that doesn’t need the home run ball to intimidate pitchers his rate at which he hits the ball hard (37.5%) is great but it was also the lowest Hard hit rate he has had since 2011. Nothing should change too much in his game. Maybe a few less steals but this is a guy who could anchor your teams offense. My projections for 2017 are: .286/105/29/103/27
  2. Anthony Rizzo – 27 – Fresh off a World Series win. Rizzo will get right back to business anchoring a loaded lineup. Power numbers aside his teammates will give him a chance for 100+ runs and 100+ RBI’s. Along with that a run at NL MVP. My projections for 2017 are .279/102/35/106/9
  3. Freddie Freeman – 27 – Last year may have been the best Freeman can offer but, as the rebuilding Braves lineup gets better the opportunity for pitchers to pitch around him becomes less of an option. Freeman has had injury problems in the past which should give pause due to the high dollar value / draft pick you would have to use to acquire him. That being the case he is a great hitter who will carry your team at times. My projections for 2017 are: .275/98/26/85/5
  4. Jose Abreu – 29 – Some say his last 2 seasons at the plate have been disappointing. In the formats where points are involved that is not the case. In 3 seasons he has 25+ HR’s, 100+ RBI’s and basically a .300 hitter every year due to hit totals of 176, 178 and 183.My projections for 2017 are:.295/78/30/104/1
  5. Wil Myers – 27 – Wil enjoyed a huge break out season in 2016 which has the Padres are working to lock him up to be the centerpiece of their batting order for years to come. As  he enters his prime a steady flow of 20/20 seasons are likely to follow. Home games in San Diego will likely keep the amount of home runs limited but all other stats will be very helpful in scoring points as he has all the tools needed. My Projections for 2017 are: .256/89/23/85/25
  6. Eric Hosmer – 27 – His owners have been mostly happy in points formats. The only frustration seems to be due to a 30 HR & 100 RBI season that they expected with his hitting talents. While Hosmer has yet to “break out” he has been very valuable. He is 27 now and the book has most likely not been closed on his power ceiling. My projections for 2017 are: .278/85/19/94/6
  7. Brandon Belt – 28 – While Belt has shown improvement on his production over the last few years.His numbers seem to be pedestrian and leave a lot to be desired. Truth is that there are players at the position with more power upside but as you look at other numbers as a whole Belt was locked in last year and provides solid stats in everything except for SB’s. My projections for 2017 are: .272/75/18/75/5
  8. Brad Miller – 27 – Had the season Seattle was waiting for before they eventually gave up. If he were staying at his previous position of SS he would be very high on that list. For 1st base he is among many who are superior. I am expecting a slight regression for next year. My projections for 2017 are: .251/66/27/73/5
  9. C.J. Cron – 26 – He has to be the consensus pick for “Sleeper”. He started to catch fire at the plate before getting injured last season. Cron is so ready to break out in a big way. It seems more a question of when than if. My projections for 2017 are: .264/59/18/79/2
  10. Josh Bell – 24 – I had a tough time with the last selection. I was down to Bell and Greg Bird. I really see them putting up similar amount of points per game. So I had to go to the second biggest factor after ability. Playing time. I project both to start but due to Bell being a switch hitter I see him getting more AB’s then Bird due to Matt  Holiday likely taking over against tough Lefties.My Projections for 2017 are: .280/61/12/53/6



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