Don’t Draft Gary Sanchez…well, not too early.

Let me start off by saying that I am a Yankees fan.  As a kid, watching the team in the 80’s and early 90’s were tough. Luckly I idolized Don Mattingly and was happyy to watch every game just to see his mastery with the bat. If not for Donnie Baseball the likes of Mel Hall, Alvaro Espinosa, Andy Hawkins and Tim Leary would have made me walk away from my passion for baseball. Everyone knows about the Yankee dynasty of the late 90’s. Let’s just go ahead and skip over the A-rod years despite the 2009 championship those years made me sad. 2016 was when I started to get very incouraged by Brian Cashmans plan to get younger that started a couple years earlier. A-rod forced to take an early retirement and the masterful job during the trade deadline to add to the stable of top prospects. Including the trade of their top hitter but often injured Carlos Beltran. This opened the door for Brian McCann to slide over to DH  so that the team could take a look at what they had in Gary Sanchez.

I remember the day Cashman signed ” El Gary”. Hal Steinbrenner told Cashman that he could only have enough money to sign one of the handful of top players from the International Signing Day extravaganza. Obviously he signed Sanchez. Stating that Sanchez had an excellent bat and a cannon for an arm Cashman added his favorite mantra at the time “you can never have too many catchers”. 

After the failed experiment with Jesus Montero as a catcher the franchise became wary of hit first catch second types. They feared Sanchez might have the same problem as he had times where he had troubles behind the plate. Sanchez was given the extra time to hon his craft in the minors without being rushed. 

When Gary Sachez got the call he sure hit the ground running. Crushing 20 home runs, gunning base stealers down and my favorite was his sac fly on a pitch thrown during an intentional walk…who does that? With all this in mind I believe Sanchez has a bright future in pinstripes and I can’t wait to watch. 

Now for my non bias fantasy baseball side to show itself. After so many examples like that of Shane Spencer and Kevin Maas my sophomore expectations are tempered a bit. I really do believe that Sanchez is the real deal and may be catching for the Yankees for the next ten years or so but, I also believe El Gary caught lightning in a bottle last season. Listening about the early word on mock drafts so far Sanchez has been an obsession for some too take way too early in snake drafts or pay way too much $$$ for in an auction.

While Gary is known to have great power. He also has seemed to have had problems getting started with his hitting production in the beginning of the baseball season. What if this happens and the pressure to supply hr’s leads to a huge spike in strikeouts and getting pull happy? This will bring a big buyers remorse for fantasy team owners whom invested a lot in his talents. All in all I believe Gary Sanchez can not live up to the hype he is receiving from last season. So don’t be the person taking him in th 2nd-4th round or spending anything more than $15-$16 on him in an auction. For 2017 I don’t believe he can live up to those lofty expectations.

It may be smart to let someone else take the chances on investing that early on a catcher. 


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