2017 Top 10 Third basemen Under 30

On to the top third basemen under the age of 30. These rankings are based on point leagues so, good BB-SO ratios can play a large part in these rankings.. Oh how I struggled with the rankings for these top 3 players. You really cant lose picking either Machado, Bryant or Arenado. In the end I went with my ranking formula to break the tie. I guess we will see if it’s right.

  1. Manny Machado – 24 – After dealing with multiple leg injuries pretty early on in his career. Manny has become the hitter most feared in a Baltimore lineup that still is the home of Chris Davis, Mark Trumbo and Adam Jones. With that supporting cast and playing half of your games in what is most likely the best stadium for offense and you got a lot of points to accumulate. My projections for 2017 are:..308/107/39/112/15
  2. Kris Bryant – 25 – One of the most feared hitters on the planet (now that Ortiz retired) At the age of 25 is there any reason to think he wont continue to get better and better? Scouts have that 20-80 scale when projecting talent in certain skills. The only time I have seen some one get the highest possible score (80) is for Kris Bryant in raw power. If you have a chance to get him in any league, do it. Multiple NL MVP trophies await him. My projections for 2017 are: .275/104/41/115/11
  3. Nolan Arenado – 25 – Just another clean up hitter that puts up video game numbers and in Colorado of all places. The Rockies have something going in the right direction and im not talking about “the silver bullet”in those Coors Light commercials. Nolan had 82 Extra base hits and 133 RBI’s last year. His hitting is legit but I am seeing some regression due at some point. My projections for 2017 are:.290/90/38/121/2
  4. Anthony Rendon – 26- Proving that his 2014 stats were not a “fluke” Rendon flashed his talents as a five tool player. Injuries mostly doomed his 2015 stats but now he is back to being an above average ball player that puts up great numbers. My projections for 2017 are: .276/101/21/84/15
  5. Maikel Franco – 24 – Last Spring Training we watched nightly highlights of Maikel absolutely crushing the ball. Most of the leagues i played in people were noticing that he was locked in and of course that led to Franco being drafted too soon. Then the season started and it was obvious the Phillies didn’t have a contending club. Maikel had the audacity to only hit 25 Home runs. not bad for a Sophomore season. My projections for 2017 are: .272/77/29/101/1.
  6. Kyle Seager – 29 – I’ll just say this you can count on Kyle Seager to produce VERY close to the same stats he produces every year. Not much different this year. My projections for 2017 are: .268/82/27/90/5
  7. Jake Lamb – 26 – Jake seems like he’s still flying under the radar but the kid can rake! In 2016 his first full season  as the everyday Third baseman and he provided 29 home runs and 91 RBI’s. Its pretty safe to assume he will retain his job and continue to punish opposing pitchers. My projections for 2017 are: .253/85/30/96/6
  8. Alex Bregman – 23 – It was agonizing last year to watch such a gifted hitter go 0/4 day after day as you could tell the Astros staff was trying to stay positive but, they could only wait so long. Luckily he got that first hit and the flood gates opened. Bregman is not going to be that 30-35 home run guy…at least not yet. He is just a gifted hitter that can square up a lot of pitches. My projections for 2017 are: .267/78/20/85/5
  9. Miguel Sano – 23 – Light tower power is all i can say when describing Sano. He likely wont be a .300 hitter but you can see that 40+ home run season coming. My projections for 2017 are: .258/66/32/76/1
  10. Ryon Healy – 25 –  Ryon made a very strong statement after getting called up around the mid season mark. 260 AB’s and he had 82 hits. 33  were extra base hits. I am really looking forward to seeing a full season out of him this year. My projections for 2017 are: .274/72/26/74/1 

Just Missed the List:

  • Eugenio Suarez
  • Mike Moustakas
  • Yangervis Solarte
  • Hernan Perez
  • Nick Castellanos

On the Horizon:

  • Rafael Devers – Red Sox – ETA 2018
  • Nick Senzel – Reds – ETA 2017
  • Ryan McMahon – Rockies – ETA 2018
  • Ke’Bryan Hayes – Pirates – ETA 2018
  • Matt Chapman – A’s – ETA 2017

2017 Top 10 Shortstops under 30

Just a few years ago Shortstop was a shallow position with a void of young talent.  It is now flush with young superstars. I have ranked 10 of these stars based on expected value in point league formats. Most of these are “no brainers” due to only a handful of 30 and older players.that are fantasy relevant.

  1. Carlos Correa – 22 –After showing off his talents in his initial call up, last season didnt live up to the expected results.  If you spent too much money on him last year do not be afraid to pull the trigger again. The Astros have built quite a juggernaut of a lineup full of quality hitters 1-9. Correa actually increased his hard hit rate from 32.9% to 37.2%. He’s hitting the ball hard and it will come with lots of base runners. As you will ses in his projected RBI’s. My 2017 projections are: .278/87/27/110/15 
  2. Corey Seager – 22 – What an impressive first full season Kyle’s little brother had. Sophomore Jinx? Not really seeing that happening as Corey can flat out rake. He has a very matured approach at the plate. You could call Correa and Seager as 1A & 1B only difference are the SB’s. My projections for 2017 are: .286/103/25/91/3
  3. Francisco Lindor – 23 –  Lindor continues to exceed expectations in every way and 2016 was no different. His ability to produce day in and day out makes him very desirable especially in H2H formats where you can really appreciate a guy who lives up to points per game average. My projections for 2017 are: .290/97/15/76/19
  4. Xander Bogaerts – 24 – Pure hitting has never been an issue with Xander. The only part that had doubt was if he would get 200 hits a season of which 197 would be singles or if he would start hitting enough extra base hits to be considered elite. Entering his age 24 season he is well on his way to adding some lift to his swing. Boston fans are not too worried as he still has 2 seasons before he is expected to produce his prime power years.My projections for 2017 are: .296/100/14/85/12
  5. Trevor Story – 24 – Everyone watched with amazement as Story swatted a HR a night for what seemed to be a month. The rookie of the year voting for the national league also appeared to be in the bag. Home runs were slowing and the strike outs increasing and it was some time after that where Story succumbed to a season ending injury. The talent and the home park cannot be ignored. My 2017 projections are: .261/84/34/90/10
  6. Jonathon Villar – 25 – You have to applaud the Brewers for targeting Villar when they did. All through the minors Villar has had a knack for hitting for a good bating average and just getting on base in general. The Astros gave up on him after 600+ Plate appearances over 3 seasons. Villar who has amazing speed and because of that a very high BABIP which is sustainable. The power may be a mirage as his hard hit rate spiked to 35% up from his normal  which is around 25%.A jump in his walk rate from 2015 was 3.8% which may or may not resurface. Either way, The game seemed to have slowed down for Villar and owners in point leagues should take notice. My projections for 2017 are: .255/74/15/50/50
  7. Elvis Andrus – 28 – The model of consistency no matter how boring it may be. It seems like Andrus should be 35 by now and not the age of 28. While Elvis can be very disappointing to people playing in Roto leagues but is very useful as a constant point producer per game. My projections for 2017 are: .277/71/8/57/31
  8. Aledmys Diaz – 26 – Aledmys had a very impressive 2016. He showed the Cardinals an ability to walk almost as often as he strikes out (only 60 k’s).in 400+ at bats. With Matt Carpenter moving over to first base and Gyorko to third this lines Diaz up as the everyday shortstop. projected to hit in the #2 spot in the Cardinals lineup will help his counting stats greatly. Love those top of the lineup guys in points leagues. My projections for 2017 are: .283/75/18/68/4 
  9. Jean Segura – 27 – After a big time break out season in Arizona last year the Diamond backs thought they might want to sell high due to the theory he had a career season. When the Mariners dangled Taijuan Walker and Ketel Marte for Segura and Mitch Haniger, The D-Backs were all to happy to say ,yes. Segura will likely struggle a bit switching leagues and the change in venue will effect his power numbers that might have been aided by the hitting favorable Chase field as he can now call Safeco Field home. My projections for 2017 are: .274/73/10/48/26
  10. Dansby Swanson – 23 – An unexpected August call up by the Braves gave Dansby a chance to “get his feet wet” in the majors to prepare for a full season this year. Swanson held his own in 145 plate appearances he managed to end the year with a .302 batting average. This was fueled most likely from a bloated BABIP of .383. That being said Dansby did provide some of everything in his showcase last year. Hoping that he finds his way to a top of the order spot he will provide nice numbers. If he wastes away in the #8 spot, well it would be disappointing to say the least. My projections for 2017 are: .259/80/12/68/12


5 Who Just Missed the List

  • Tim Anderson – CWS
  • Brandon Crawford – SF
  • Addison Russell – CHC
  • Marcus Semien – OAK
  • Didi Gregorius – NYY

5 On the Horizon

  • Orlando Arcia – MIL
  • J.P. Crawford – PHI
  • Gleyber Torres – NYY
  • Brendan Rodgers – COL
  • Franklin Barreto – A’s

2017 Top 10 Second basemen Under 30

For point leagues a starting second basemen might be a revolving door but below are some players i think you should target. It can be very difficult to find middle infielders that can contribute in all categories. Luckily in point leagues that’s not a problem. If your player is averaging enough points per game that’s all that matters. At Second base you can pay a whole lot for Jose Altuve or Brian Dozier. Great players in their own right but you can get a lot more bang for the buck at the end of your draft or auction. I will give you some examples below . As for the top 10 second basemen under 30, Here we go.

  1. Jose Altuve – 26 – Altuve is becoming this decades Ichiro. It seems like everything off his bat is a hit. Once he gets on base, he’ll get you some more points with runs and stolen bases. Now that the Astros will have a full year of Alex Bregman not to mention the additions of Beltran and McCann to go along with Springer and Correa. Lets just say there will be quite the amount of counting stats to be had. Jose Altuve may be the size of a horse Jockey but his quick bat and power are off the charts. My projections for 2017 are: .312/93/15/74/41
  2. Brian Dozier – 29 – Looking like it would be a down year for Dozier before the all-star break then…something clicked. He started crushing balls at an unbelievable pace. He ended up with 42 homers total breaking the record for most by a second baseman in a single season.Dozier swatted 14 in the first half of the season and 24 in the second. It was a streak that could definitely carry your fantasy team for two months. A regression on that second half should be expected as it would be too risky to assume he can duplicate it. My projections for 2017 are: .248/106/31/82/17
  3. Trea Turner – 23 – The talent that he showed us last season was special. So special that most of the baseball world was taken by surprise. We all knew he was a high draft pick and that he was in that “player to be named later” limbo until he could leave San Diego and head over to D.C.. Turner does not provide the big power numbers you would expect from a budding star but, he can hit and run. Turner just might be that guy who leads the league in AVG, Runs, Triples and Stolen Bases. My projections for 2017 are: .301/85/18/64/53 add in about 8 triples too!!
  4. Jason Kipnis – 29 – Kipnis has had a few up and down seasons. The last two looking really nice. Now that Edwin Encarnacion joins the lineup he should have some more runs added to his totals. That means more PA’s as well. Point leagues love it when guys get a lot of plate appearances at the top of the line up. Not to mention that lineup being stacked 1-9 with good hitters. My projections for 2017 are: .267/87/14/64/18
  5. Rougned Odor – 23 – I want this guy on my teams. I mean not only can he hit the ball hard, he has a killer right hook. Right Jose? Odor had a nice season producing 33 doubles and 33 home runs all from a second baseman is a mighty hard thing to find. His 35.4% hard hit percentage and a  17.6% Line Drive rate tells me he was squaring the ball up pretty well. Odor plays in a very good home park and hits in a very good line up. At the young age of 23 he might just be scratching the surface of what he might do when he reaches his prime years. My projections for 2017 are:.275/72/25/75/10
  6. D.J. LeMahieu – 28 – Here is a guy who stands a good chance of not getting drafted in some leagues. D.J. last season provided some really impressive stats. He ended the season with 192 hits although 141 were singles.The other 51 extra base hits included only 11 home runs. This is not a player that would entice many roto lovers except for batting average. In Point leagues however he is a point producing machine with his 192 hits, 11 stolen bases and almost as many walks as strikeouts prove his worth. My projections for 2017 are: .308/95/9/64/17
  7. Jonathon Schoop – 25 – Schoop played a full slate of 162 games for the Orioles last season.Thanks to this, we saw an upturn in his power production to the tune of 25 home runs and 82 RBI’s. A batting Avg. of .267 these days is average but here’s the kicker his BB% is way low at 3.2% One of the handful of lowest in the league. It was up from the backbreaking 2.8% from the previous season. So the Orioles must be aware and are in the process of trying to make him more selective at the plate. If he can then closer to a .300 average wont be out of the range of possibilities. My projections for 2017 are: .261/55/19/55/2
  8. Dee Gordon – 28 – He would have been in the top 5 on this list if i knew for sure i’d be getting at least 140+ games of him at the top of his game. Swiping 30 bags over the 2nd half of the season was very encouraging but when there is only 1 category that sets you apart like his SB’s he is a leg injury away from being useless. That being said I hope the best for him. I just will not be drafting him on my teams. My projections for 2017 are: .278/76/2/31/51
  9. Devin Travis – 26 – Here is a great under the radar guy to grab late in a draft. A 62 game “break out” in 2015 caught quite a lot of attention before a season ending injury. He missed the first 1/3 of the 2016 season as he made it back for 100 games. The same hitting tool was present a little less of a selective hitter then was advertised the previous season. Hitting at the top of the Blue Jays lineup for a full season screams point producer to me. My projections for 2017 are: .274/68/14/63/5
  10. Javier Baez – 24 – Here is a guy who a couple seasons ago started by flashing that “light tower” power as advertised. Then The league made an adjustment on how to pitch him. Once a weakness was discovered in his swing he struck out so much it made Joey Gallo point and giggle. Fast forward to 2016 Baez found himself as a super sub who hit well enough that Joe Maddon rewarded him with 450 AB’s. So he basically got in the line up 4-5 times a week as a super sub and had a lot of pinch hitting opportunities.  After amassing 115 hits, 14 hr’s, 56 RBI and 12 SB. He did however strike out 108 times so if he can improve on that total my projections for 2017 are: .284/75/21/89/18

Just Missed The List

  • Jose Ramirez
  • Starlin Castro
  • Joe Panik
  • Ryan Schimpf
  • Jedd Gyorko

Prospects on the Horizon

  • Willie Calhoun – Dodgers
  • Ian Happ – Cubs
  • Ozzie Albies – Braves
  • Luis Urias – Padres
  • Joey Waddle – A’s


Top 10 First Basemen Under 30

1st base seems to be a very deep position as far as fantasy value is concerned. That being said that after the top 5 or so the risks start to veer their ugly heads. Since I am only keying in on players under the age of 30 this should provide a glimpse of some players you can get late in a draft with high upside. Just a reminder that I base my rankings for  points leagues. I have nothing against the 5×5 Roto leagues they can be fun too. For me the Daily points leagues tend to be more exciting especially if they are Head to Head against your friends.

On to the first basemen…

  1. Paul Goldschmidt – 29 – Last years production was great, it was just strange to see him hit less HR’s (24) then usual and steal so many bases (32). Goldy is everyone’s #1 rated 1st baseman no matter the age or format. He is one of those pure hitters that doesn’t need the home run ball to intimidate pitchers his rate at which he hits the ball hard (37.5%) is great but it was also the lowest Hard hit rate he has had since 2011. Nothing should change too much in his game. Maybe a few less steals but this is a guy who could anchor your teams offense. My projections for 2017 are: .286/105/29/103/27
  2. Anthony Rizzo – 27 – Fresh off a World Series win. Rizzo will get right back to business anchoring a loaded lineup. Power numbers aside his teammates will give him a chance for 100+ runs and 100+ RBI’s. Along with that a run at NL MVP. My projections for 2017 are .279/102/35/106/9
  3. Freddie Freeman – 27 – Last year may have been the best Freeman can offer but, as the rebuilding Braves lineup gets better the opportunity for pitchers to pitch around him becomes less of an option. Freeman has had injury problems in the past which should give pause due to the high dollar value / draft pick you would have to use to acquire him. That being the case he is a great hitter who will carry your team at times. My projections for 2017 are: .275/98/26/85/5
  4. Jose Abreu – 29 – Some say his last 2 seasons at the plate have been disappointing. In the formats where points are involved that is not the case. In 3 seasons he has 25+ HR’s, 100+ RBI’s and basically a .300 hitter every year due to hit totals of 176, 178 and 183.My projections for 2017 are:.295/78/30/104/1
  5. Wil Myers – 27 – Wil enjoyed a huge break out season in 2016 which has the Padres are working to lock him up to be the centerpiece of their batting order for years to come. As  he enters his prime a steady flow of 20/20 seasons are likely to follow. Home games in San Diego will likely keep the amount of home runs limited but all other stats will be very helpful in scoring points as he has all the tools needed. My Projections for 2017 are: .256/89/23/85/25
  6. Eric Hosmer – 27 – His owners have been mostly happy in points formats. The only frustration seems to be due to a 30 HR & 100 RBI season that they expected with his hitting talents. While Hosmer has yet to “break out” he has been very valuable. He is 27 now and the book has most likely not been closed on his power ceiling. My projections for 2017 are: .278/85/19/94/6
  7. Brandon Belt – 28 – While Belt has shown improvement on his production over the last few years.His numbers seem to be pedestrian and leave a lot to be desired. Truth is that there are players at the position with more power upside but as you look at other numbers as a whole Belt was locked in last year and provides solid stats in everything except for SB’s. My projections for 2017 are: .272/75/18/75/5
  8. Brad Miller – 27 – Had the season Seattle was waiting for before they eventually gave up. If he were staying at his previous position of SS he would be very high on that list. For 1st base he is among many who are superior. I am expecting a slight regression for next year. My projections for 2017 are: .251/66/27/73/5
  9. C.J. Cron – 26 – He has to be the consensus pick for “Sleeper”. He started to catch fire at the plate before getting injured last season. Cron is so ready to break out in a big way. It seems more a question of when than if. My projections for 2017 are: .264/59/18/79/2
  10. Josh Bell – 24 – I had a tough time with the last selection. I was down to Bell and Greg Bird. I really see them putting up similar amount of points per game. So I had to go to the second biggest factor after ability. Playing time. I project both to start but due to Bell being a switch hitter I see him getting more AB’s then Bird due to Matt  Holiday likely taking over against tough Lefties.My Projections for 2017 are: .280/61/12/53/6


Top 10 Catchers Under 30

What a better way to shake off that Winter chill than by turning your attention back to Fantasy Baseball? That’s why I am going to jump right into my Top 10 Under 30 Series. As a side note I am not an ageist and I will draft players over 30 if the value is right. These lists are simply to rank players that are in the prime years of their Baseball careers. Catchers seem to wear down a lot quicker as they reach 30-32. This is a position that it is not too wise (unless you are in a 2 catcher league) to spend a high amount of your budget due to the amount of games they miss due to injury or rest.

  1. Buster Posey – #1 on every Catching list it seems for the last 10 years. Buster is now 29 so by rule this will be the last time he appears on my list.  That being said Buster has put up awesome numbers every year and there is no reason to believe that will stop this season. My projections for 2017 are:.306/76/18/88/3
  2. Gary Sanchez – With Jonathon Lucroy turning 30 Sanchez gets to move up to #2. Here is a case of a guy who caught fire last year and put up video game numbers. I hear he is working hard to be ready for the upcoming season but it is still going to be a fools gamble to think these numbers will continue. He does tend to slump a bit at the start of the season so don’t be surprised if he does not hit 3 HR’s on opening day. Draft or buy Sanchez but please lower your expectations to a more believable stat line. My projections for 2017 are: .286/52/27/81/3
  3. J.T. Realmuto – J.T. has propelled himself from being relatively unknown to being on every fantasy baseball owners radar. If he was a First Baseman that plays every day he would be a guy that has 200 hits every year. He was a doubles machine last season with 33. My Projections for 2017 are:.285/65/16/57/10
  4. Willson Contreras – It looks like Joe Maddon thinks enough of this kid to make him the official starting catcher leaving Montero as a back up. Contreras came up from the minors and started to crush pitches much like Gary Sanchez. He did cool off down the stretch as you would imagine most catchers do towards the end of the season. Willson is the real deal and you know being a Cub will add in some nice counting stats. My projections for 2017 are:.271/68/21/63/3
  5. Wilson Ramos – After the lasik surgery he had to help correct his vision Ramos looked like a different hitter. It seemed as if he was making hard contact every time he came to the plate. As he was set to cash in somewhere via his impending free agency, Ramos tore up the ACL in his Knee. The Tampa Bay Rays Seeing value in Ramos jumped at a chance to sign him. Now Wilson may miss the first 1, 2 or 3 months of the season depending who you believe. He is a great hitter who can come back early as a DH but please factor in that you will need another catcher until his return. My projections for 2017 are:.262/33/12/50/0
  6. Yasmani Grandal – Here is a guy who is well suited for points leagues.Low Average but gets on base with a great eye at the plate high BB totals along with a nice amount of power in his bat works for me. He does tend to get hit with the injury bug here and there. My projections for 2017 are:.242/46/19/56/1
  7. Travis d’Arnaud – The talent is there and the playing time is there. We have been looking for “The breakout” for a few years now. He was looking really good a few times and then injuries have slowed down the progress train. Wouldn’t it be funny if this guy has left a bad taste in peoples mouths and you can get him at a crazy good price? This may very well be the breakout season. Always bet on guys with upside. My projections for 2017 are:.268/56/18/59/1                                                                        
  8. Tom Murphy – Murphy has the shown his ability to hit as he showed in his brief call up in September. He put a lot of deep fly balls in the Denver air as he showed in swatting 5 home runs in his 49 plate appearances last September. I f he can get the job and keep the K rate down a little then you’ve got a great buy low candidate. For now though to play it safe lets assume he gets a platoon role.. My projections for 2017 are .259/23/9/27/2
  9. Wellington Castillo – A very streaky power hitter goes to a team that plays half its games in a hitters paradise in Baltimore. The Diamond Backs walked away from Castillo as his team controllable years were gone and they had an emerging Chris Herrmann (who will most likely be on this list next year). Castillo doesn’t give you 5 category production but he does provide Power, RBI’s and in that Oriole lineup runs. He may as others have done start slow as he tries to get familiar playing in a different league. He can carry your team for a few weeks when he gets locked in. My projections for 2017 are:.251/46/18/54/1.
  10. Sandy Leon – Who are you Sandy Leon? Where did you come from? Sandy toiled away in the Nationals system and then was shuttled back and fourth from AAA and back again. I’m sure the Red Sox noticed that he averages as many walks as he does strikeouts. not a bad guy to have. There will be a noticeable regression in his batting average based on his past seasons. There may be a person or two in your league that wants him. Let him go. You will barely remember his name in a few years. My 2017 projections are:.243/33/5/32/1.

Don’t Draft Gary Sanchez…well, not too early.

Let me start off by saying that I am a Yankees fan.  As a kid, watching the team in the 80’s and early 90’s were tough. Luckly I idolized Don Mattingly and was happyy to watch every game just to see his mastery with the bat. If not for Donnie Baseball the likes of Mel Hall, Alvaro Espinosa, Andy Hawkins and Tim Leary would have made me walk away from my passion for baseball. Everyone knows about the Yankee dynasty of the late 90’s. Let’s just go ahead and skip over the A-rod years despite the 2009 championship those years made me sad. 2016 was when I started to get very incouraged by Brian Cashmans plan to get younger that started a couple years earlier. A-rod forced to take an early retirement and the masterful job during the trade deadline to add to the stable of top prospects. Including the trade of their top hitter but often injured Carlos Beltran. This opened the door for Brian McCann to slide over to DH  so that the team could take a look at what they had in Gary Sanchez.

I remember the day Cashman signed ” El Gary”. Hal Steinbrenner told Cashman that he could only have enough money to sign one of the handful of top players from the International Signing Day extravaganza. Obviously he signed Sanchez. Stating that Sanchez had an excellent bat and a cannon for an arm Cashman added his favorite mantra at the time “you can never have too many catchers”. 

After the failed experiment with Jesus Montero as a catcher the franchise became wary of hit first catch second types. They feared Sanchez might have the same problem as he had times where he had troubles behind the plate. Sanchez was given the extra time to hon his craft in the minors without being rushed. 

When Gary Sachez got the call he sure hit the ground running. Crushing 20 home runs, gunning base stealers down and my favorite was his sac fly on a pitch thrown during an intentional walk…who does that? With all this in mind I believe Sanchez has a bright future in pinstripes and I can’t wait to watch. 

Now for my non bias fantasy baseball side to show itself. After so many examples like that of Shane Spencer and Kevin Maas my sophomore expectations are tempered a bit. I really do believe that Sanchez is the real deal and may be catching for the Yankees for the next ten years or so but, I also believe El Gary caught lightning in a bottle last season. Listening about the early word on mock drafts so far Sanchez has been an obsession for some too take way too early in snake drafts or pay way too much $$$ for in an auction.

While Gary is known to have great power. He also has seemed to have had problems getting started with his hitting production in the beginning of the baseball season. What if this happens and the pressure to supply hr’s leads to a huge spike in strikeouts and getting pull happy? This will bring a big buyers remorse for fantasy team owners whom invested a lot in his talents. All in all I believe Gary Sanchez can not live up to the hype he is receiving from last season. So don’t be the person taking him in th 2nd-4th round or spending anything more than $15-$16 on him in an auction. For 2017 I don’t believe he can live up to those lofty expectations.

It may be smart to let someone else take the chances on investing that early on a catcher.