Embarrassment of riches

Here s a strange thought just left me wondering. Is there any chance that the Yankees sign both top closers Chapmen and  Janssen? The idea of those two teaming up would give the team dominant 3 closers again by adding in Delin Betances. Through in a right and left handed specialists. This give opponents night mares for sure. 

The realist in me knows that the Yankees only want Chapmen back. Janssen would only be pursued if chapman signs elsewhere. A guy can dream can’t he?


12/6/16 – Today’s Take

I love these winter meetings. Here are my thoughts on a few things mentioned.

  • Martk Melancon – I have to give him credit. He seemed like a fringe pitcher who would have a hard time getting above AAA back when he began with the Yankees. The Giants just gave him a 4 year contract for $62 Million. That’s $15.25 Million per year. Great park, great Manager, great team. He worked hard to get this contract while honing his craft with the Pirates. Hope it works out for him. For fantasy value I would still keep him at the 2nd or maybe 3rd tier of closers. Tiers to follow soon.
  • Chris for Sale…Heard a rumor that the Nationals  are offering Giolito, Robles +.The Red Sox are likely looming as well. They are stocked with young players and MLB ready players. Since the day he started I looked at his delivery and marveled that he has not had Tommy John surgery at least 2-3 times.
  • Heard that both the Blue Jays and Cardinals have made offers to Dexter Fowler. Very underrated player but he wont be once he lands a huge contract someone will give him.
  • Rich Hill signs a 3 year deal withe the Dodgers for $48 million. Good for him. This guy was a lost cause. Baltimore, New York, Chicago have had him. Hill was pitching in the independent league. The guy has gone through so much including cancer with his son. Hill took a long time but he perfected that one pitch that people cant hit. Great feel good story for him.
  • The Red Sox just acquired Tyler Thornberg from the Brewers to add to their bullpen for next year. Travis Shaw and 2 minor leaguers going to the Brewers. Great addition. Teams have been trying to fill their bullpens with pitchers good enough to close games.  The Red Sox and Giants have started with out hesitation.
  • Matt Holliday signs a 1 year deal with the Yankees for $15 million to DH and play some first base to help Greg Bird out when a nasty lefty is on the mound. Great signing Holliday will bring a lot of leadership to that young clubhouse.
  • There was a rumor that the Royals were talking with the Cardinals on a deal that would send Lorenzo Cain and Wade Davis to STL for Kolten Wong + something.
  • There are some questionable rumors that the Dodger and Yankees are talking with the Twins about Brian Dozier. It would be a sell high for the twins but, i doubt he’s going anywhere.

So much more going on. Zig Zig will keep posting as i see more.









12/3/2016 Today’s Take – Bullpens are the key to success. 

So, last year we watched the Yankees add Aroldis Chapman to their already formidable duo of Andrew Miller and Delin Betances. By the time the trade deadline came around the Yankees now that they were not going to be good enough to make the playoffs so they decided to trade Chapman to the Cubs and Miller to the Indians. Funny how those two teams were the ones to make the playoffs.

Watching the Cubs bullpen dominate with Chapman, Rondon, Edwards jr and Strop. The Royals did it the year before with a dominating bullpen of Holland, Davis, Herrara. 

So what do we learn from this? Amassing a dominate handful of relievers can basically make it so a starter can give everything he has for 5 innings. We are right now  witnessing a change from the era where pitching dominated the game now players seem to be able to hit 30 home runs just by getting out of bed. Every team has hitting but if you have a shutdown pen you have an edge over your opponent. At the very least you have some very desirable trade chips that can land you some top prospects. Seems like a great way to rebuild an aging team without the long wait. 

That being said I wonder if a team can pull off signing a chapman or Janssen and then sign a guy like Drew Storen and a couple more guys with live arms. 

The winter meeting begins Monday and with the new CBA in place we should see ALOT of transactions!