2017 Fantasy Sleeper – Jose Peraza

It’s been a strange time for Jose Peraza these past couple of seasons. For the beginning years of his professional career he was lauded as a future superstar second basemen for the Braves. Then, Peraza was included in a three way trade with the Marlins and Dodgers that landed him on the Dodgers AAA team. After the season ended Jose was yet again included in a three way deal with the Reds and White Sox. Word is that players like Peraza that offer no power tend to be expendable. Being labeled a “slap” hitter does usually make teams shy away as the look for those ” 5 tool” players.

Lets go over what Peraza can do for the Reds and our fantasy teams. At the moment he is in the super utility spot on the Reds. Last season seeing time at shortstop, second base, Left field and center field. With Brandon Phillips and Zack Cosart healthy the middle infield seems set. The Reds are trying to move both players but have not found a match. Center field is owned by Billy Hamilton and Left field to Adam Duvall. Giving a player one day off per week is absolutely possible and could net Peraza 400+ AB’s.

What can Peraza bring to your team? Power wise as i mentioned he is not strong suited for. It seems at his peak he may provide 10-12 hr’s but for now don’t count on HR’s from him. Hitting…he is an excellent contact hitter making contact on swings inside the strike zone at a clip of 93.9% His total swing and misses is at 6.6% Crazy low. Its because of his contact skills and his speed that his .324 batting average last year may not be as much of a mirage as most think. There are a lot of doubles and triples in that bat as well. Now for the best part. How many 40+ base stealers do you think there were in MLB this past season? There was only 4. J. Villar 62, B. Hamilton 58, S. Marte 47, E. Nunez 40. Peraza playing for half the season in Cincinnati amassed 21 SB’s. This looks as if 40+ for Peraza would not be a leap of faith to expect. Batting in between Billy Hamilton and Joey Votto at the top of the lineup is a great place to be.

Jose Peraza will be a very smart late pick in a snake draft or a great low $ option in an Auction if you have waited on a MI spot.A guy with his talent for swiping bags and can hold his own in batting average is hard to find.


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