11/24/16 Today’s Take

  • Aroldis Chapman “I would love to be a Yankee again”. Brian Cashman “we would love to have Aroldis Chapman back”. Hmm sounds to me like it all depends on the ability of the Yankees to “make it rain”. With the caliber of teams fighting for his services next year being at least the Yankees, Cubs, Giants, Dodgers and Nationals. There are probably others but with the payroll abilities these teams have I could see Chapman ending up with a contract that pays him between 20 -30 million per season. The years will end up being whatever Chapman wants. When you are a hard throwing lefty closer who regularly hits 100+ mph and many hitters don’t want to face. Chapman will be able to get what he really wants. It just depends which GM panics first. I have a feeling it will be the Dodgers who send a dump truck full of cash to the Chapman residence. The other teams will likely fight over Kenly Jansen and to a lesser degree Mark Melancon. Personally I’d be trying to zig while others zag and scoop 3 of the top non closers like, Neftali Feliz, Greg Holland, Drew Storen, Koji Uehara and Brad Ziegler to name a few. Make a deeper bullpen for a 1/4 of the price by scooping up these effective relievers while everyone else is looking at the bright lights someone could scoop up the back up plans.  

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