11/21/16 – Today’s Take

  • It seems that the Toronto Blue Jays offered Edwin Encarnacion a 4 year 80 million dollars contract. Now supposedly this was before the signing of Kendrys Morales. I wonder if this shuts the door for Edwin to return. Also, He really turned that down? That is a great offer for a guy who will be 34 years old on opening day.Despite the Morales signing Toronto GM Ross Atkins insists that team is still interested in bringing Encarnacion back. Seems like Encarnacion and Cespedes are going to be looking for closer to $25 million per season. Given age and worry about production value to warrant that type of money, I believe both guys will end up with a 2-3 year deal worth $25 mill per season.
  • This may be the worst free agent class for starting pitching that we have seen in a long time. Still, there is talent out there after Bartolo Colon…:) Rich Hill has looked as dominant as Cliff Lee was a few years back. The two things that make GM’s cringe are his age (37 on opening day) and his injury history (mainly those pesky blisters) Still Rich Hill spins one of the nastiest curve balls I’ve seen in a while. Would Rich Hill sign a 2-3 year deal loaded up with some very attainable bonuses?
  • Jason Hammel is also available at the moment and he is a  valuable middle of the rotation arm Hammel tends to wear out come the second have of a season but he seems to give his team a chance to win every time he is handed the ball.

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