11/20/16 – Today’s Take

Happy Monday all,

The hot stove for baseball has been warming up and we are seeing some transactions prior to the busy Winter Meetings that begin December 4th.

  • The St. Louis Cardinals have agreed on a contract for the services of  RP Brett Cecil at the cost of 4 years for a guaranteed $30.5 million dollars.  Oh and there is a full no trade clause. Hmmm….every high end middle reliever has now seen the bar set for 7.625 million per year. A four year deal for a middle reliever ends well every time, right?
  • The Yankees seem to be stockpiling funds. At this point only Brian Cashman and his brain trust seem to know the master plan of how to spend it. Not sure if they are going to panic and give Chapman 5yrs/100m then Cespedes at a 3or4yr/100m or are they going to be committed to developing the kids all year and then integrate some superstars in during the 2018 crazy loaded free agency pool.
  • After all the build up of A.J. Reed being the next big thing at first base it seems that the Astros have a glut of talent and Mr. Reed has no path to a spot on the team. With Gurriel moving to first base to accommodate Alex Bregman taking over third base duties. Heck, word is the Astros have just taken Jon Singleton off of the 40 man roster. Yet another star that flamed out for the Astros.
  • Garret Richards it still sounding pretty confident that he will anchor the Angels rotation in 2017. We’ll see if he is ready for spring training with velocity and control. If he does he is one of the hardest throwing starters out there, May be a great buy low candidate.
  • Word is the Brewers really want to cut ties with Ryan Braun. Thing is he has a list of only six teams he can be traded to without his approval. The Dodgers, Giants, Padres, Angels, Daimondbacks or Marlins. Anybody else would probably have to kick in a nice extension to his contract.
  • The Dodger are kicking the tires on Logan Forsythe. They are speaking to the Rays to see would it would cost to get him. Forsythe is one heck of a hitter.Dodgers would probably bring Utley back as well just because they can.

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