Kendrys Morales to the Blue Jays

It seems that Toronto is bracing for the inevitable loss of Edwin Encarnacion or Jose Bautista. There is a possibility both will leave for that matte. Morales is a 33 year old who most of the time fits into a DH role He is capable to play First Base as well though they might want to keep that in small doses.. The thing Kendrys brings to the table is his ability to flat out rake. Morales had some impressive success hitting in the middle of the Royals lineup for the past couple of years. The Royals are going to miss the 30 home runs 100 RBI and a hard hit rate of 41.1%. That hard hit rate proves that he has the ability to square up many pitches in “his zone” much like David Ortiz did for the Red Sox over the years. Morales will surely be a force in the middle of a Toronto lineup playing in the launching pad they have in Toronto.  The counting stats will likely prove him to be a very good value player in a points league format.


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