Bartolo Colon

Looks like the Braves are wasting no time at all in restocking their starting rotation. Bartolo Colon was sighned to a One year $12.5 Million dollar deal. The 43 year old (44 in May) might have been the 4th, 5th or 6th best pitcher in the Mets rotation but he was very  Effective at turning in quality efferts time and time again. In all Bartolo had 19 quality starts which was 24th overall in the big leagues. Colon along with RA Dickey who was signed a few days ago totaled a combined 32 quality starts in 2016. These pitchers although getting up there in age are proof that experience counts for something and that they may see a decline in velocity/skills but they have learned the art of pitching. As the Braves transition with a trio of Tehran, Foltynewicz and Wisler taking the reigns, there is quite a bit they can learn from these salty vets.  Amazing job by the Braves in there game plan to target these two veterans and to pounce before anyone else had a chance to open their wallets. 


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