R.A. Dickey To Atlanta Braves

Word broke this afternoon that the Atlanta Braves signed R.A. Dickey to a One year contract. At first I thought to myself “whatever” but then I thought about it and It seemed like a brilliant move on the part of the Braves. While Dickey had one of his worst seasons last year with a 10-15 record a 4.46 ERA  and a 1.37 WHIP he at least showed he can still be a great innings eater. Dickey leaves the launching pad stadiums of the AL East and the DH lineups in the American League. Sure Dickey moves from a home park in a dome which is said to be better for knuckle ballers to an outdoor stadium in the ATL but let’s face it, Toronto is a launching pad. Four years ago when Toronto aqiured him from the NY Mets, Dickey was coming off a CY Young winning season when he made the National league hitters look helpless every time he stepped on the mound. At the very least the Braves signed a guy who can take the ball every fifth day and give them 6-7 innings. Having that in a # 3 or 4 spot in the rotation. This is a terrific under the radar signing by the Braves.


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