Why the hate? Joey Gallo will be a star.

It was about a year and a half ago when Joey Gallo was shattering the windshields of cars parked beyond the right field wall during the Futures Game batting practice. That was probably the height of his popularity and expectations. The Rangers called him up there after and he was crushing pitches in  Arlington pretty quickly.

Shortly thereafter the book was out on him and pitchers started taking advantage of his over exuberance. Joey started to strikeout at a rate that was embarrassing. He was frustrated sure, The Rangers were frustrated as well. Doesn’t this sound like what most Rookies go through at some point?

Remember a couple years ago when Javier Baez was called up by the Cubs and saw some instant success with his lightning quick bat and “light tower power”. Once word got out on his weaknesses Baez started to strikeout at an embarrassing rate.

Baez now has become an integral part of the Cubs infield and just last night was the star hitter helping the Cubs beat the Dodgers as they try to win the NLCS. Look at Byron Buxton, he has struggled for parts of 2-3 seasons but came alive as most talented rookies do once they have 500+ at bats under their belt.

With just about everyone jumping on the “Joey Gallo” is a bust or “he is the next Brandon Wood”It seems now would be a great ti e to buy Joey Gallo while the rest are selling.

Texas is going into the off-season with openings at 1B and DH (Moreland and Beltran are FA’s) Why not give the kid 500 ab’s to see how he adjusts. He’s still young but he has incredible raw power that is something very tough to teach.

Hard work in the batting  cages may be all it takes to turn him from Adam Dunn to a Chris Davis. Hey…that’s another guy Texas gave up on too early.




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