Yoan me sitting in a tree…

Watching the future all star game I defiantly came away wanting a few guys on my fantasy team. First was Alex Bregman who is an amazing pure hitter that will most likely get called up soon to man first base for the Astros. Too bad another owner picked him up in my league and has him stashed on his bench. Next guy I really wanted was Yoan Moncada. This dude does everything power, speed a just an all around amazing talent. I’ve had him on my watch list all season. I need to have him as a $1 keeper in my  league. So I just swooped him up to man a bench spot on my team. This of course gives me a “dead” spot on my roster that will provide no points in my head to head points league. A gamble yes but, hearing scouts compare his talent to a Mike Trout and reading that he is open to playing any position the Red Sox might need help with be it 3rd base our Left field is very interesting.

Sometimes you have to go with your gut and mine feels that Moncada is just a key injury away from making his debut straight from AA.

This guy has the talent to be an offensive force…playing his home games at Fenway helps too!

If he is available in your league grab him now. You’ll thank me latter!


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