Pass or Play – C.J. Cron 7/6/16

C.J. Cron – C.J. a former 1st round draft pick in 2011 has been a popular sleeper pick in the preseason of fantasy for a couple years now. Problem seems to be that he has never been consistent with his production for long enough to earn a full time roll. The natural power has always been there and now that he has just over 900 MLB at bats he is starting to hit for a better batting average as he did in the minors. His 6.2 BB% and 14.5 K% is actually much better than you would expect from a hitter that is 6’4″. Strangely enough C.J. as a right handed batter has struggled against left handed pitching. Not terrible at hitting south paws but it could mean he gets 400 ab’s compared to a possible 600. In conclusion C.J. Cron has the talent, the good plate discipline, he hits in a lineup after Trout and Pujols while he is just entering his prime years at the age of 26. It appears that he has not completely figured out how to hit lefties and is still known for being streaky at the plate. The guy has been crazy hot since the beginning of July which makes him a PLAY but, only until the orange has had all the juice squeezed out of it. As soon as you see a few zero hit games in a row I would bail out for the next guy getting on a hot streak.


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