H2H points league strategy 

As a new week rolls along in my 12 team h2h points league I am stuck with a problem. Last week was great I had a come from behind win even though I was down a hundred or so points. This was possible because every one of my “good” pitchers had a 2 start week. Now of course I am stuck with most of my starters pitching once this week and it’s toward the end of the week. Our league allows for 7 transactions per week/matchup.  

So I need to choose carefully. My first two transactions took place and I now have Jaime Garcia and Drew Smyly.

I’m looking to add 1 more but my choices are limited to Tyler Duffey,  Hector Santiago and Anthony DeSclifani. None of these players leave me feeling all warm and fuzzy. Having so many starters locked up last week allowed me to keep an eye out for call ups of Cody Reed and Willson Contreras (his pinch hit home run sealed the victory for me). Maybe I should save my transactions and use them in spots when I really need one. After today all the two start streamers would be gone…what to do.

I’m starting to over think things. Sometimes the best moves are the ones you don’t make, right? I think the best thing to do is follow what’s happening and as soon as I see a chance to pick up an impact guy I need to be the first to pounce. Trust your instincts! It will be easier to stomach the inevitable melt downs a pitcher has from time to time.


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