Stars & Scrubs

As I continue to spend time around the mock draft boards I am finding that other than a few infield positions the quality and depth available has gotten so plentiful that it appears there is no better time then now to adopt the “Stars and scrubs” motto.

That being spend about $200 of your $260 budget on star players that will make up the core of your team then using the remaining $60 to fill in the say 15 or so positions still open on guys that have high upside hoping that you may on maybe 5 of those. The remaining 10 players if they are not cutting their weight can be switched out with players claimed off of waivers.

This is not the “safe” way of constructing a team but, you know what they say “go big or go home” safe will usually get you fifth place. We don’t play for fifth place right?

If you play in keeper leagues like I do then the best way to start amazing big time talent is to plant the seed now. Invest your money in youth. 1st & 2nd year players who come at a lower price for now at least until they have that “break out” type of year. Lock them in at that low price. Just like the stock market right? Buy low and sell high. Hey, It works for Billy Beane.


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