Changing Things Up…

So in a true Zig-Zag fashion I have re-thought my strategy for my 2016 Fantasy team. Last year (2015) in my 12 team H2H Points league I finished in first place with a 16-5 record. Of course that was the “regular season”. Top four teams make the playoffs and I was bounced in the first round by the 4th place team. Frustration does not begin to describe my anger. I was left looking at my team toward the end and half of them were injured.

Last year is in the past right?  That bad taste lingers in my mouth. Last season I focused my auction on buying low on high ceiling players. Great regular season but, they gladly stepped aside and let the September call-ups  get some playing time.

So i have decided to tweak my strategy a bit. I believe I am going to try the route of having all the players on my team be under the age of 30. Players in their prime full of energy and ability to play everyday. I will still look for some bargains in the auction but, I am going to start posting my top 15 lists of under 30 players who are primed for a big season.

If I don’t remember mistakes in the past I will be doomed to repeat them right?  I am very excited to start working on this. I will start with my top Catchers very soon.



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