Welcome to Zig Zag Fantasy Baseball! My name is Scott and I am interested in changing the way I play and draft my fantasy baseball teams in an effort to stand out from the pack. Too many times have I targeted the same guys as everyone else in my league. Too many times have I overspent at an auction to get the same type of production I could have gotten from a guy I picked up of the waiver wire.

This is why I am working on a spread that should have enough information in it to isolate some really good alternative options come draft day.

My main league is a bunch of guys that used to be my coworkers. They have the same love for fantasy baseball.  There is a rather nice sized pot of soup on the line so, needless to say it gets even more competitive when there are those kinds of rewards. I have found in my last two auctions for this 12 Team H2H points 5 man Keeper league every player that I REALLY want is on the top of the list for a majority of the other owners as well. In the Auction this drives up the price so if you stick to your plan it only allows you to get ½ of the guys you really want.

If I can dig deep into the pool of players and all of the statistics maybe I can isolate a few sleepers or just guys that are flying under the radar right now.

I am also trying to do this earlier than a lot of “experts” so that maybe you and I can get a jump on our league mates. Things will change with free agents and Trades during the “Hot stove” months but, it’s never too early to study. Besides…it gives us something to do while we wait for the spring.

I am hard at work on the spreadsheet and I hope to have the first section of catchers in the next couple of days.





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