Spring Fever

Ok. It is now time to stop wasting my energy with fantasy football. I am convinced that FF Is mostly luck. Whichever team that stays mostly healthy wins. It is fun to have a winning team but, when I lost Jamaal Charles…I knew I was toast.

I have started compiling data for my 2016 baseball spreadsheet. Starting with catchers I am just about ready to figure out my grading system.

I believe I am going to focus my attention in our auction to building a team based on three key stats. 

The first being age. Last spring I spend to much money on Chase Utley. Nothing against Chase Utley but, he has been running on fumes for a few years now. I believe after my team hit a wall in September when I was dominating my league that baseball has become a young mans game. If I want steady point production throughout my lineup all season I will need to start spending on players in the beginning of their prime years this can help my stats and help me with buying players before big breakouts so their keeper price should be low as well. I am going to try and build my team with mostly players in their twenties. Sure there will be a few exceptions but, this gives a platform to start on.

Second will be a stat referred to as wOBA. Weighted on base percentage. This stat gives you more of an “all things considered” look conserning on base percentage especially for my points leagues.

The third will be hard hit rate. This stat was becoming a fad a last year but has been discovered to not always being a precursor for a great player. With home runs an extra base hits being so important to my points leagues I feel I would be a fool not to incorporate this as well

I will give a short list of my catching targets once I get this going.


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