2016 Catchers

So, I’ve started prepping my new spread sheet for the fantasy baseball 2016 season. Starting with catchers I have begun to fit every stat I feel meaning ful like age, bat r,l or switch. Place in the batting order. What home park the play in. Injury history, position eligibility, hard hit rate, wOBA, k rate, walk rate and z contact rating. To name a few.

I’ve decided to zero in, mostly on players between the age of 23 through 30. Im pretty sure I will get proven wrong many times but, I feel like these are guys in their prime years that have the best chance of NOT runing out of gas by the start of my playoffs.

As you can imagine the posey, shwarber, Santana, mcCann

Me trying to see if I can catch lightning in a bottle with a big break out ro Swihart, d’Arnaud, Realmuto

I drafted d’Arnaud last year and he proceeded to tear the cover off the ball. Until he broke his hand came back for a game or two and got hurt again. I had Stephen Vogt so I dropped d’Arnaud for a two start pitcher I needed during a tough H2H matchup.

I have Swihart on my roster for the moment and I would love if he could be an incredible bargain as a $1 keeper. He started to turn it on at the end of the season and he was quite a hitter in the minors. Oh and he happens to have a home park which right handers seem to love!

So as I keep entering data I suppose my next job will be to figure out which ones will carry the most weight in the grading process. To be continued.



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