Fantasy Revenge

Hey There !

I am starting this blog as a way to both voice my frustrations and share my thoughts going forward in fantasy baseball. Hopefully I will get some good ideas back from others as well.

The reason for my frustration comes from the fact that I dominated my 12 team H2H Points Keeper league this past season. By dominate I mean I was in First place from day 1 through the end of the regular season. So of course what happens? I get bounced in the first round of the playoffs. It was to the defending champ who had a very strong team.

I believe a great secret to my success was a strong team from top to bottom. This is a ESPN auction league so we get the basic $260 as a budget to buy a team. 5 keepers are allowed to be named from your team at the cost they were bought for in the auction. If a player was not in the auction then he can be kept for $1 the next season. A player can only be kept for 3 years then he must re-enter the auction.

Going into the auction I kept… Kershaw($32), Bumgarner($12), Arenado($8), Corey Dickerson($1), Kris Bryant ($1)

So i had $201 going into the auction. After doing countless mock drafts to develop a knowledge of who might go for a discount I noticed that there was quite a lot of quality players in the $10-$5 range. As my league mates started to buy all of the well known stars (At an inflated price i might add) I just sat back and watched the carnage. When things slowed down I pounced. Finding very good values in  Travis d’Arnaud, Carlos Carrasco,  Matt Carpenter, Lance Lynn, Adam Lind, Collin McHue, Lorenzo Cain, Brandon Belt, Danny Salazar and Yasmoni Tomas. along with some key pickups along the way…Stephen Vogt, Matt Duffy, David Peralta, Noah Syndergaard and Ken Giles.

At our trade deadline I made a deal with a team out of contension giving up Kris Bryant, Syndergaard and Lance Lynn for Paul Goldschmidt and Adam Jones. I figured this would give me the late push i needed as i was all in to win…Oops.

My team started to slump and get very “banged up” at the end of  the season. This has led me to rethink the type of players I hone in on at the auction. I will be taking a look at age, Injuries, L vs R splits, home park, team w%, starters or platoon, placement in the batting order etc. As i start to get going on the spread sheet i create I will share hopefully to help others and to gain some helpful things from you as well.



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