Doing it the right way

Wow. Just wow. If you would have told me a few years ago that the Royals and Mets would be playing in the 2015 World Series I would have thought yeah, right, that might be the first World Series where no one would money on tickets for.

Now I find myself thinking that these are 2 carefully crafted teams. Both of these clubs are so deep and with most players in their prime. 

I remember when the Mets traded RA Dickey coming off a CY Young trophy a few years back. I thought to myself they were crazy…what a Met move. Getting Syndergaard and d’Arnaud. Now it’s more like “What are the Blue Jays thinking”?

Being a very loyal NY Yankees fan growing up I’ve seen bad teams (in the 80’s) and I’ve seen domination(in the 90’s) now a days we have seen how spending a ton of money (Yankees, Tigers, Mariners, White Sox, Dodgers) no longer leads to the same success. This has become the age of the younger ball players.

Finding teams willing to exchange top prospects for a guy who is having/had a great season but might be a few years on the wrong side of 30 seems to be one of the keys to success.

Acquiring top prospects, developing your own, a strong presence in the international market, holding on to and collecting top draft picks seems to be the best way for future success. Kudos the the Royals and Mets for seeing the future and being patient enough to stick with it!



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